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Nomination as an expert at Kickstart Innovation (Switzerland)

Stéphane Roecker has been selected for the Expert Pool of Kickstart 2020. Kickstart Innovation supports startups in scaling their business in Switzerland. It brings together later-stage startups with corporations, foundations, universities and cities in order to foster Deep Tech innovation.

The program is open to Swiss and international later-stage startups that are developing and/or applying deep technologies – science and engineering driven technologies such as AI, Big Data and Blockchain etc. – in and around the areas of EdTech & New Work, FinTech & InsurTech, Food & Retail Tech, Smart City & Technology, HealthTech and Circular Economy. Selected entrepreneurs get the chance to do market entry and business development in Switzerland and Europe.

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18 rue Altgass 67140 BARR (France)

SIREN 487 766 198

TVA FR62487766198

Numéro d’accréditation Commission Européenne CT-EX2018D341022

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